Shahrom Zohirov
Very professional tech ez to deal with
Paul Khela
Great service. Showed up exactly when he said he would. Very reasonable hourly rate. Didn't hassle me. If you ever break down in the greater SLC area, call these guys. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ …
Tyler Gledhill
I contacted Brandon about an issue I created (unless a diesel owner with DEF system) you may not understand. At a minimum I was looking at 2K in labor, and up 25k if I got this wrong. I contacted Brandon and he asked questions and gave me confident advice. At one point I even said if you get this wrong I will be contacting you directly. He stated I will be fine. I have since drove my truck over 100 miles with no issues (even none of which he said would potentially happen but not to worry if they did). But as many trucks as I have had and dealing with mechanics, etc. I have come to realize that most go by a book and don't really know what they are saying resulting in high maintenance costs that in a lot of cases dont even address the issue. Brandon earned nothing from the time he spent with me and he could have come and looked at my truck and charged me hundreds and I would have paid it. But he used his knowledge to give me the correct advice and the only way I know to return the favor is with thanks review. As a 4 truck and multiple car owner, I have never really dealt with a person with such a character to risk profit to just do a customer right. Again Brandon thank you, you reduced a high amount of time and saved me a a lot of money.
Great service. This is my go to mechanic when in Salt Lake and needing repairs. Definitely would recommend.
Ziyoviddin Karimov
πŸ‘ …
Micheal Sampson
Brandon is very professional, prompt, and gives excellent service and is very neat .. I don’t give reviews but this man is the truth .. I will recommend and use services again if need be
Jack Geiser
Absolutely Stellar service!!! very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to stick around and get the job DONE!!! If you're an owner operator, broke down and Salt Lake Area I HIGHLY recommend!!